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Evening of Japanese Music in Moscow

A good day - I have  got  to grips with editing the first part of  The Fairground Booth   film which has been dogging me for some time now. Managed to re edit the script and add in new material to flesh out some of the weak parts of the beginning. It means I should be able to assign the graphics and other material  to where it should go rather than things slipping away from me as I try and make things work.  Working a bit with T's material for his book. He asked me to read the article he wrote for a journal and tell him what I thought about it. Just jotting down some notes now as I go through it. Last night attended a concert and film of a Japanese composer  Yonekawa Toshiko I , who played and composed for the Koto. Magnificent musician, full of sensitivity and richness of expression, tasteful and emotional. Her daughter is now leading the ensemble which played for us at the Moscow conservatory last night. It is a warm up for the bigger concerts they will give at the Rachma