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The Russian Theatre Film Series - Book Publication

The Russian Theatre Film Series book - published and available: It’s difficult to find an appropriate description of the book "The Russian Theatre Film Series". Essentially it is an account of an arts documentary series with all its pitfalls, successes, limitations and achievements. The three films which have so far been completed are " Meyerhold, Theatre and the Russian Avant-garde ", " Stanislavsky and the Russian Theatre " and " Vakhtangov and the Russian Theatre ". This book is part of the overall project - The Russian Theatre Film Series and is a milestone and a marker in this developing project. It is also a commentary on what it means to make an independent arts documentary film series in a foreign country namely Russia. Not so much from the technical point of view although there is plenty of technical aspects covered but more from the point of view of a kind of interior process. It is an expedition into the phenomenology of film-