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The Fairground Booth update

Work on The Fairground Booth film proceeding well: My intention is to start a journal which will chronicle the progress of the actual process of editing and producing the film. Blok's aim in writing   The Fairground Booth  is to liberate us from whatever trust may have been placed in traditional theatrical practice. Part of this process involves another form of understanding.  The Fairground Booth  therefore has a visuality or pictorial sense in its graphic unworded movement. Blok wants us to see that out of the chaos emerges a new form or sense of order through the theatrical. The author is introduced  not as a god like creator but as fallible and weak. For Blok, the Cosmos as a subject underpins the apocalypse - as in the fall of the stars and the heavens crashing to earth. The very multilayeredness of themes invokes and multiplies new themes, direction,openings and expansions.